The Taylorcraft Foundation and Taylorcraft Owners Club

Membership Information

Updated 3/2007

Now is a good time to join or renew your membership in the Taylorcraft Foundation and The Taylorcraft Owners Club. They are two separate but cooperative organizations.

The Taylorcraft Foundation

The Taylorcraft Foundation is exclusively organized for charitable, educational & scientific activities and is intended to preserve the history and technical information of Taylorcraft organisations and the airplanes the produced. This Foundation is a chartered Ohio Corporation and has been granted USA IRS 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit, tax exempt, organization.

The Taylorcraft Foundation maintains archives, provides information and research assistance when possible to aircraft owners, and works to preserve Taylorcraft history.
Additional information can be found on the web at:
The Taylorcraft Foundation web site,
The Taylorcraft Photo Gallery,
The Taylorcraft Discussion Forum.

    • Taylorcraft Foundation, Inc.,
    • 13820 Union Ave. NE, Ohio 44601.
    • Phone: 330 823-1168; fax 330 823-1138.

    As of 12/2006 The membership dues are $15.00 USD per year payable in January. We also appreciate any additional funds you might be able to include in the form of a donation to support our efforts to preserve and make available technical and historical information about C.G Taylor and the Taylorcraft breed of airplanes.

    To renew your membership in the Taylorcraft Foundation, please send payment with name and return address and Foundation membership ID number, you will receive your new membership card via return mail.

    For new members, please fill out and return the Member Information form. Your membership information is kept in our private files, never shared or sold, and used only to provide information about your aircraft when requested and service your membership.

    We appreciate your annual membership payment via check or Paypal in US dollars. Our paypal account ID is:

    For a copy of the Taylorcraft Foundation Member Information form that you can print, fill out and mail with payment please click here:
    The Taylorcraft Foundation Member Information form

    Alternatively, you could fill out the form with your text editor of choice, email it to :Forrest Barber at The Taylorcraft Foundation and send your membership dues via paypal.

    The Taylorcraft Owner's Club (TOC)

    Join the Taylorcraft Owners Club! and receive their newsletter four times a year, a bargain for all the information it contains! As of 12/2006 Membership is just $15.00 usd a year. Write with your mailing address and enclose a check to:

    • Bruce Bixler II, TOC President -
    • 12809 Green Bower
    • N.E. Alliance, OH 44601
    • Phone: 330-823-9748


    The Taylorcraft Foundation and Taylorcraft Owners Club (TF/TOC) does not project or accept any responsibility for participation by any Web site or newsletter reader, member, customer, contributor or groupie at any fly-in functions, forums, or events that may be publicized by newsletter, web site, email, email list, sky writing, newsletter or any other method. All material herein of a technical nature is for reference and historical use only and is not necessarily recommended or approved by the editor, webmaster, poster, or any other user of this web site, TF/TOC and its officers and board, ever. Never Never, Never Ever, trust any of the information or comments presented on the Taylorcraft web sites. You need to do your own research and consult your own professionals and make your own decisions about anything having to do with the comments, information and instructions offered on the web sites and newsletters.

    It is up to the individual reader, his/her Certified Aircraft Mechanic, Government agency, and the Sky Gods to determine the legality and veracity of anything appearing within TF/TOC Internet media such as web pages, newsletters, email mail lists, and email. This Internet media is produced only as a medium of communications amongst owners/aficionados of Taylorcraft aircraft and history. Make your own decisions, and take responsibility for your own actions.