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Updates (last updated 10 April 2015)
Taylorcraft Aircraft Type Designators
Taylorcraft Manuals
Service Letters, SB's and Airworthiness Directives (AD)
Misc. Info
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Recent Updates

10 Apr 2015
Addition of 1985 Taylorcraft Parts Manual
(see Taylorcraft Manuals Section) Addition of 1985 Taylorcraft Parts Price List

Addtition of L2 Pilots Manual
23 Jun 2014 Addition of EBC-406AP ELT Operation & Maintenance Manual to Taylorcraft Manuals Section.
4 Mar 2014 Correction to hyperlink for SB2007-001B
18 Dec 2013 Service Letters & Bulletins:   SB2007-001 amended to issue B dated 15 Oct 2007
15 July 2013 Taylorcraft Bungee Tool:   Bungee price update..  Misc Info section:  Prop Hub removal info added.
12 Nov 2012 Bungee tool thumbnail updated
9 July 2012 Taylorcraft Bungee Tool:   Photo updated.
5 June 2012 Misc Info section:
...addition of mag swith overhaul article.

clip-paper02.gif (23107 bytes)Taylorcraft Aircraft Type Designators


Model A
TAYB BC, BC12-D, BF, BL, Ace, Sportsman, Traveler models
TAYD DC, DCO, DF, DL (O-57, L-2) models
TA15 15 Tourist, Foursome models
TA19 19, F-19 Sportsman models
TA20 20 Ranch wagon, Topper, Seabird, Zephyr 400 models
TA21 F-21 model
TA22 F-22 Classic, Tri-Classic, Ranger, Trooper, Tracker models

clip-paper01.gif (4174 bytes)Taylorcraft Manuals

Taylorcraft Owner's  & Service Manuals; Parts Manual (B Models)

Owner's Manual (2 Mb pdf)
Service Manual (3.5 Mb pdf)
Parts List & Prices (5.5 Mb pdf)
1985 Parts Manual (3 Mb pdf)
1985 Parts Price List (5 Mb pdf)

Taylorcraft Owner's  & Service Manuals; Parts Manual (L2)

L2 Pilots Manual (18 Mb pdf)

EBC-406AP ELT Operation & Maintenance Manual (16 Mb upload) Link


Copies of ORIGINAL Taylorcraft  manuals
Contact Ernie Stadvec  at  ESSCO INC;
330-644-7724, fax 644-0886,
426 West Turkey foot Rd., Akron, Ohio  44319. 
(look under "aircraft manuals")

Case Magneto manuals; for your tractor and your airplane.  ( .pdf files)

Case Dealers Service Manual Models 4-JMA and 4-CMA
Case Operators Manual Type 4 CAMA
Covers:       Front Cover         Back Cover
  Page 1   (84kb)
                    table of contents 
  Page 2   (32kb)
                    pages 03 thru 17 (5.6MB)
  Page 3   (93kb)
                    pages 18 thru 32 (5.5 MB)
  Page 4   (85kb)
                    pages 33 thru 46 (5.5MB)
  Page 5   (61kb)
                    pages 47 thru 49 (5.5MB)
  Page 6   (69kb)

  Page 7   (62kb)

  Page 8   (62kb)

  Page 9   (73kb)

  Page 10   (23kb)

  Page 11   (35kb)

Complete Operators Manual in one big 1Mb download.

clip-paper02.gif (23107 bytes)Service Letters, SB's and Airworthiness Directives (AD) & stuff.

SAIB CE-11-05 regarding gear diagonal brace (see also SB 78-001 below)

Service Bulletin 2007-002 (strut-to-fuselage fitting)

Service Bulletin 2007-001 (Lift struts)
SB2007-001 Issue B (15 Oct 2007)

Service Bulletin 78-001Page 1   Page 2
The landing gear tie-strut can be a problem area for rust especially if Service Bulletin 78-001 hasn't been done. This involves drilling a drain hole (#40 drill bit) on the trailing edge of the streamlined tube about a 1/4" up from the bottom. If water comes out you have a problem, if not you should inject oil (Tubeseal) . If the lower part of the tie-strut is badly rusted it could let go on a hard landing and up would come the gear taking out the strut, prop, wing spar causing a major hit on your wallet. This area can be reinforced by welding on a strap. Contact the Foundation if you need a complete copy of this Taylorcraft Service Bulletin.

Service Bulletin 78-002 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Aileron stops - the sprocket at the end of the pilot's control column.  Note:  Page 3 and 4  refer to AD 78-20-11

AD's are available from the FAA AD Database.

Eismann Coil AD (1969)
    Australia version (.pdf)
    Canada version 

Continental Aircraft Engine; Magneto timing service bulletin:  http://www.tcmlink.com/serviceBulletins/pdf/MS94-8A.pdf 

Oil Pressure gauge hose
If  you have the  older B1071 hose installed it was to have been replaced back in 1987....AD87-03-08  ( if  NOT like the illustration then you are okay)  The new hose is the B7071.  If yours look like the illustration then you must  replace it.
The F-19 with the 0-200 engine & oil pressure less than 45 lbs had the illustrated hose which has been the same on all  65- 85 hp Taylorcraft airplanes for a long time.  Then along came the Lycoming powered F-21 & up.  They have a pressure of 90 plus lbs.  Eventually the hose held on with two hose clamps merely blew off and dumped the oil  slowly overboard.   The B1071 has a very small restriction (hole) at the engine  about a 40 drill size to reduce the rate of oil loss in the event the hose fails.

clip-paper01.gif (4174 bytes)   Misc. Info                                           


FAA Best Practice for Ageing Aircraft (fall 2003):    (.pdf 431KB)
Continental A&C Series Parts Interchangeability Catalogue:  (1.48MB .pdf)
Fuselage Frame Dimensions (April 1980 letter from Taylorcraft):  (3.6 Mb)
Air Commerce Regulations 1936 (Alteration and Repair of Aircraft) (495kb pdf)
CAM18 (6.5 Mb pdf)
Letter for engine changes.   This is a 1985 example of the letter that Dorothy Feris would write to demonstrate that the fuselage frames are identical whatever engine is fitted to the B models.
Federal Skis Assembly Drawing

Magneto switch
Overhaul article:  Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 (about 5Mb each).

Brake Cables
Its recommended by many restorers  that 1/8th cable be used when replacing the original, which was 3/32. 

The prop specs are simple and stated on the ATC for your plane.  Basically  on the ATC there are a list of options and each is numbered.  For Taylorcraft BC12D, option #1  is the list of approved wood props that meets the static limits and length requirements, and The 72-42  prop does just that. 
If you have a BC12D then the static rpm limit is 2070 to 2250 not over 72  not under 70 inches in length.  If you want to consider different props, look at a copy of  ATC 696.

Prob Hub Removal
A pictorial of removing a prop hub from the crankshaft:  Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 (about 2Mb each)



clip-paper02.gif (23107 bytes)Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS)

Links to FAA website:

clip-paper01.gif (4174 bytes)Taylorcraft 337 and STC Data


Franklin to Continental engine conversion:  Page 1 Page 2
Ceconite Page 1 Page 2
Champion Oil filter on O-200   Page 1 Page 2
Fabric rivet Page 1 Page 2
Short mount big engine Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Stits Poly-Fiber fabric (version 1) Page 1  Page 2
C90 in a BC12D Page 1 Page 2
Stits Poly-Fiber fabric (version 2) Page 1 Page 2
F19 - C150 Muffler Page 1

F19 Exhaust: installation of Cessna/Reeve exhaust Page 1 Page 2

Letter for Engine changes (BC=BL=BF etc) Page 1

McDowell Starter Installation 337 Page 1  Page 2

    Instructions for McDowell Installation Page 1  Page 2  Page 3     Page 4  Installation Tips

Wheels, Tyres, Gear, Skis & Floats:
Fuselage & Airframe:
8-50x6 tires
Aluminum seat Page 1 Page 2
Hydraulic brakes Page 1 Page 2
Gilberti (version1) Page 1 Page 2
Gear reinforcement Page 1 Page 2
Gilberti (version2) Page 1
EDO 1320 Page 1 Page 2
BL to BC Page 1 Page 2
Axle bushing Page 1 Page 2
Seat belt mod Page 1 Page 2
26" Goodyear tyres  Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Skylight Page 1 Page 2
Ski & bushing Page 1 Page 2
Alternate skylight Page 1 Page 2
Scott 3200 Tailwheel Page 1
Weight increase Page 1 Page 2
Federal Skis Drawing (not a 337, but here for ref.)
Improved trim Page 1 Page 2
Grove brake installation (Warning:  18 Mb pdf)
Shoulder Harness 337 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Seat tube mod Page 1 Page 2
Extended Baggage Compartment Page 1
Garmin radio Page 1 Page 2
Flying with doors off Page 1
Electrical system Page 1 Page 2

Microair radio

Odyssey battery Page 1 Page 2
Internal antenna 337 Page 1  Page 2
Four wing tanks:  Page 1 Page 2
Wing landing light Page 1 Page 2
Replacing wing tank fabric covering with aluminum:
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7

Wing strobe lights Page 1 Page 2
Replacing Taylorcraft wire with rib stitching Page 1
KY-97 radio Page 1 Page 2

Burls Battery box installation in a 172  Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Burls Battery box installation in a Taylorcraft Page 1

Anti-Collision Light BC65 Page 1

Wind Generator Page 1


The Harer  STC (convert BC-12D to BC12D85, BC12D-4-85 or Model 19)
Consists of a total of 30+ drawings (B, C, and D size) and several sheets of documentation. There are varying mods that need to be made depending on what model you start from including wing spar, spar fittings, fuselage wing fittings, boxed in baggage compartment, installation of electrical system (AF & engine), fuel system (24 gallons) & associated plumbing, longer engine mount (-4-85/model 19), exhaust system, and the longer cowling (-4-85/model 19).

No hardware is supplied with the STC so you have to buy or manufacture the required parts. A few of the parts are readily available such as the model 19 engine mount from Univair.

Taylorcraft STC Data available by clicking on the FAA STC database and searching for Taylorcraft.

L-2 Increased Horsepower Upgrade STC
See Terry Bowden's website.
Install 85 hp, 90 hp, or 100 hp Continental Engine on your L-2

Wind generator (BC12D)
Basic Aircraft Products Inc Air Driven Alternator

clip-paper01.gif (4174 bytes) Letters & Articles of Historical Interest

1970 letter from Taylorcraft to Willard Carson
Letter from Charlie Ferris, year unknown regarding 85hp upgrade
1962 letter from Univair regarding 85hp upgrade

spanner-clipart-picture11.gif (2512 bytes) Taylorcraft Parts Sources and Other Resources

Wag Aero

Barber Aircraft Inc.
Forrest Barber  fbarber<at>alliancelink<dot>com
13820 Union Ave NE
N.E. Alliance, OH 44601-9348
(330) 823.1168

Wicks Aircraft
Aircraft restoration and construction supplies.

2500 Himalaya Road
Aurora, CO 80011-8156; 
303.375.8882/fax:800.475.7511 or 303.375.8888
email to: info@univair.com
Aircraft parts and supplies.  Some NOS and reproduction Taylorcraft parts.

Poly-Fiber & Ceconite Distributor
Aircraft Technical Support, Inc.
Jim & Dondi Miller
Poly-Fiber & Ceconite Distributors
(Toll Free) (877) 877-3334
Web Site: www.polyfiber.com
e-mail: info@aircrafttechsupport.com

Shinn Wheel & Brake parts
SkyBound, Atlanta Georgia
Shinn Wheels, brakes, cables, backing plates.
Jim Greene (owner) 770-446-6797

Aircraft Exhaust Systems
Aircraft Exhaust systems as mentioned in the newsletter can  "repair" your present system  AND  make it stainless steel if you like. Also make for the L-2. The Taylorcraft Foundation has 337's  for conversion to C-150 stuff.  Note, the outcome of the exhaust system and its fit to your particular airplane and engine is dependent on you providing them a good fitting "core" to rebuild and measure from.  Virtually no two exhaust systems are the same on Taylorcraft.  Contact them at Jumping Branch, WV.,  800-227-5951

Lycoming 0145-B2 Parts
El Reno ; Oklahoma  

Clip wing/Aerobatic conversions:
Mike Swick -  Swick Aircraft , 10010 Champion Lane, McKinney, Tx.   972-347-2596.
Mike sells plans for his famous clip-wing aerobatic Taylorcraft.
Other conversions;  if you want to stay light and simple with lower HP then check into the Duane Cole conversion. 

Early Taylorcraft  airplanes used Automotive type gas and oil fittings
There is nothing wrong with this  original equipment replacement, its what the planes were certified with.
Some folks have done a transition to "aircraft" fittings and that is always causing problems matching replacement parts.
Once source for aviation and automotive hoses is:
Specialty Hose Aerospace, 7802 Freedom Ave NW, N. Canton, Ohio  44720  ph#  1-800-362-6533

"Snap Shackles"
is used by some for a flexible tie down for hand starting.
The brand is Ronstan, model RF-6120. One place that has it is Performance Yacht Systems, 
About $30 USD.

Kenmore Floats, particularly the Taylorcraft float installation drawings

Bungee Tool
bungee-tool-drude2reduced.JPG (12247 bytes)

The best tool to buy, $150 includes priority shipping to all 50 States.
(Price subject to change, contact seller for up-to-date pricing).

David L. Rude Inc.
772 Cedar Creek Drive
Wendell, NC 27591

Yoke centres
New hub centres for pretzel yokes.  Spoke kits available too.
(Click on image for larger version).
hub-covers-small.jpg (2455 bytes)  spoke-kit-small.JPG (6467 bytes)
Contact: John Cooper
Phone: (631) SKY-PORT (759-7678).
Email: john {at} Skyportservices {dot} net
snail mail:
91 Clark Rd
Tilton, NH 03276

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